The (Fantastic) Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner

We’ve recently uprooted from London and moved to Yorkshire to be nearer family, I think it’s important the children get to spend quality time with their grandparents and even more important for me to spend quality time reading Grazia.

The plan came to me when I was on the toilet breastfeeding my newborn whilst my daughter shouted “Poo Mummy Poo!” loudly in my face.

I realised then that there must be a better way and that this better way would involve someone else looking after my children from time to time.

So we have moved in with my parents whilst we find our own place. One of the best things about swopping a tiny London flat for more space and live in babysitters is having the time and energy to go for a run.

Running as a form of exercise gets a bad press, I appreciate that some people don’t like running and my advice to those people is this: don’t do it – find something else you enjoy and stop giving running a bad name by moaning about it.

A greasy smothering of Elizabeth Arden 8 hr cream and even the hail can’t hurt me.  Yes running is healthy exercise but more than that it is a rare opportunity for a bit of silence.

With two young children in the house silences are short and usually end in a lot of cleaning (the last time the house was really quiet I found my daughter feeding her brother coal).

As a basic rule of parenting:

Baby + silence = good.

Toddler + silence = bad.

The fantastic thing about running is that it gives me the chance to switch off for a short time… and if it’s a really good day I can miss out on changing two dirty nappies.

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