Fantasy Child Free Time.

Anyone who owns small children will know that one of the life’s greatest pleasures is fantasising about all the things you could be doing  if only you didn’t have the aforementioned children.  In fact it’s a bit of a shock to me as a parent that people who have  chosen not to have children aren’t […]

Running Vs Looking After Small Children.

1. If you’re doing it right you will look like crap.

If you go for a run and come back with a healthy sheen and a big smile you need to turn your ass round and do it all again.

If have been looking after small children and your clothes and hair remain immaculate you have not been looking after them properly. You have been letting them watch telly (don’t worry we all do it) and not feeding them.

2. You can buy all the gear you want but it won’t help you.

Both small children and running are supported/ exploited by a huge amount of companies and products but all the high wicking fabric in the world isn’t going to make you a better runner.

The same with small children, you can spend literally thousands of pounds on plastic stuff from China but at some point it will boil down to you and a toddler going mano a mano.