Useful Parenting Posts (may not be useful).


When I started my blog I imagined myself imparting motherly wisdom to other women new to the whole baby thing, sharing recipes and style tips alongside photographs of the cakes I’d lovingly baked. That type of thing.

But then all this other mental stuff fell out of my head and onto the Internet.

I am not an expert on motherhood: No one is really we’re all just bumbling through it the best way we can.

The following posts are my experiences of being a mum to my two beautiful children and the things I have learned along the way.

As for the style tips and recipes I’m currently sitting typing this wearing snot smeared jeans (not my own….the snot I mean, they are definitely my jeans, no one else I know has jeans with this many stains) eating a shop bought battenberg like it’s an apple.

Suffice to say if you are searching the Internet for food and style inspiration and have landed here something has gone terribly wrong. Here are links to my most popular baby related posts:

I wrote about the challenges of dealing with a difficult baby and called it. Is My Son A Dick? Which I’m sure will have no future repercussions whatsoever.

I breastfed both my children and yes I would like some sort of award thank you, breastfeeding is hard work –  if you’re new to it (hang in there) and read my post about Breastfeeding in Public: How to get them out when you’re out and about.

Pregnant and panicking about buying all that baby stuff? Read my list of baby essentials and relax. Put your feet up everything’s going to be fine….

Top 10 tips for travelling with small children. Worth a read even if you’re not planning on taking the kids away – you’ll feel so much better about staying at home.

Baby Led Weaning: How to Decorate With Weetabix

Top 10 places to take a crawling baby in London.

For more betterer advice from lots of lovely mums who don’t all have potty mouths like me head over to Mums Make Lists or read the Mumsnet chat board – I once stopped my right boob from exploding by following the advice on there and will forever be grateful.

13 thoughts on “Useful Parenting Posts (may not be useful).

  1. i found your blog by typing into google ‘why is mike the knight such a prick’, sat with my son having to make reassuring sounds as mike proves again the justification for social change and i kind of needed to share my feelings…. i would love to see the episode where the people of glendragon rise up and throw off the shackles of their overlords….. actually scratch that…. so long as they give Mike a good kicking i’m not bothered about the social change, i’d like to be there so i could stand over him and say ‘now stop it!…. just stop it!’ If they then moved onto sunny sands and took a pop at the entire Mason family my day would be complete (smug middle classed theatre school tw*ts) I too love Cbeebies (and would like Justin to be beatified) just i go a bit slappy at times. I have to say i agree with most of what you say on your blog (the only difference is that i don’t like my boobs, but then i am a bloke)

    • aargh don’t get me started in Grandpa in my pocket.
      It seems to be stuck in the 1950’s with the sister loving pink and the all the horrible friends coming to play.
      If it’s any consolation I’ve watched Mike The Knight in the US and he’s an even bigger prick without the British accent!

  2. What about Granny Murray? Some granny, she looks younger than me at 41. (Does anyone else fancy Sid by the way?)

    • I know… I have more on cbeebies to come…..( you’re on your own with Sid – Andy does look just like an old boyfriend of mine though)

      • My wife once had an erotic dream about Mr.Tumble. Not Justing mind, Mr. Tumble. “Yes, Yes, Yes! Thank you!”

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  5. What I hate really, is the pink and blue clothes only available for babies. Come on people what the heck. Im sick of seeing all girls in Ireland being pink in montessori where my child attends, in the shops etc. Now when we expect baby number 2 I cant even buy unisex clothes cos they dont exist here – we don’t know what sex the baby is. Can someone explain that to me, maybe I am missing something?
    Ps i like your blog 🙂

    • I said the same to my wife regarding babay clothes, I really don’t want my daughter dressed up in pink all the time. But my wife is the one on the receiving end of all the “he’s so cute” comments when she doesn’t dress her up in pink. My opinion, the fault is with society, I like to point out that she is a she in a way designed to create maximum embarassment for the transgressor. Anyway, I too thing the blog is great. Witty and useful.

  6. Hey Eeh Bah Mum you make me laught so much and you make me feel so normal and so happy! have found motherhood nothing like i expected, and a part of me thought it was maybe the difficulty of bringing up children in a foreign country (I am spanish married to an englishman living in England when our first one was born). So blamed it on cultural differences, when in fact, is just everyday shit (And sleepless night and snot all over your trousers and blue nail polish all over your kid) that drives you insane. We now live in France. And its even more chaotic (another kid added to the equation, plus a spanish+english couple trying to survive in France!) your sense of humour and honesty is sooo needed and sooo beneficial and so above cultures and colours and countries! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (keep going) Xxx

  7. I love yourr blog!! Makes me feel so happy knowing i’m not the only one to feel like i’m baffled by my children 90% of the time. its great to be able to relate to someone who feels the same way as i do!!

  8. Just stumbled on to your blog. Definitely got a good laugh. I too, think my son is a dick. :’) Hope to see more posts! Maybe one about mum in law? Haha.

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