What’s All This Then?

1-555I really wanted to write a funny blog about the challenges of modern parenting.

At first I was too busy working and being pregnant.

Then I had a baby and realised that I had nothing funny to say about it.

Now I have two children and no time to write.

Which is ironic really, it turns out writing a blog is just like having kids – it’s never the right time to start so you might as well just get on with it and try muddle through.

Eeh Bah Mum is a blog about parenting but not exclusively for parents I hope that everyone can enjoy reading about the funny side of family life – whether you have teenagers, small children or no children at all.

4 thoughts on “What’s All This Then?

  1. Had a really good laugh at these blogs Kirsty. Mostly because I’ve come out the other side of parentling small children – oops forgot my three year old there – who I had a 39 and left a ten year gap between her and her eldest sister (midlife hiccup I think).

    It gets easier….. mainly because you just don’t care! I don’t care that I bribe them with chocolate, I don’t care if they have a melt down in the supermarket (I give them chocolate or distract them with something shiny) and I don’t care about the carpet (I got a cleaner). You do what you need to do just to get through and hold on to your sanity and don’t care what anybody else thinks about your parenting skills.

    Must admit though now I’ve left my ‘proper’ job and work for my hubby from home it’s much bloody easier and now I can sit back and laugh at everyone else!

  2. Absolutely love your blog. Hilarious. Bloody brilliant. I read it as soon as babe is in bed and I’m on the wine before hub gets home. X
    Kiwi in London

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