Recipe for Easter Nests (please Jesus let playgroup start again soon)

Easter holidays mean no playgroups so I have been busy trying to entertain my children at home. To date we have made (and eaten) Easter baskets, Easter paper chains and chocolate crispy cake nesty buns. The baskets and paper chains weren’t really meant for human consumption but try telling that to Eeh Bah Son. To […]

Is My Son a Dick?

As a parent you quickly learn to interpret different screams – there’s the tired scream, the I would like some attention scream and then there’s the scream of your child in genuine pain. The one that turns your stomach. Thank God I have not had to hear that one very often from my daughter. But […]

Does Baby Brain Exist?

When I was pregnant I told my fella that the baby made me trump. Maybe it did. All I know is I was too damn tired to get up and go parp politely elsewhere. This got me thinking about the old wives tales and untruths surrounding women and pregnancy and how they are generally negative […]