How To Survive Playgroup.

There will be one child sitting quietly doing puzzles.

This will not be your child.

I had hoped this role was allocated on some sort of rota and that one week it would be my daughter quietly amusing herself whilst others looked on in awe. I seem to have been left off the rota.

(If I had a child who sat quietly and entertained themselves I would not need playgroup I would be sitting at home watching This Morning, painting my toenails and writing a blog about what a piece of piss small children are to look after. )

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam…

Just like fairies dying when a person sneezes, every time someone comments on my blog I ignore another household chore (please leave a message there’s ironing to do).* Readers comments are one of the best things about writing a blog (sorry but I cannot  bring myself to use blog as a verb). But even more wonderful […]