Does Baby Brain Exist?

When I was pregnant I told my fella that the baby made me trump. Maybe it did. All I know is I was too damn tired to get up and go parp politely elsewhere.

This got me thinking about the old wives tales and untruths surrounding women and pregnancy and how they are generally negative – the worst being ‘baby brain’ a phrase I absolutely detest. Personally I’ve seen women pushed to new levels of capability after giving birth not infantilised.

On the subject of baby brain I will admit to one terrifying phenomenon – for the first few months after giving birth I found it impossible to read a novel.

For someone who loves books it came as a bit of shock when, post baby, I picked up the Amy Tan novel I’d been saving and tried to read.  Three months later having re read the first chapter 20 times I admitted defeat. Having a baby had affected my brain.

Reading was fine in the short form (blogs, papers, magazines) but anything longer required too much concentration. At first I put it down to lack of opportunity. I was quite busy at the time panicking about…well…. everything.

However the same thing happened after baby number two and by this time I was way past panicking, in fact by the time number 2 arrived the standard of my parenting had lowered dramatically and I stopped worrying and found time for the occasional nice sit down and a cup of tea by a simply not tidying up.

(This drop in parenting standards is why I cannot have a third child – for fear I’d be forever leaving it on the bus)

Now my youngest has turned 9 months and it reminded me what a magical time it is for a mum. Sleep patterns are more manageable and it’s time to read the first post baby book. (JK Rowling: A Casual Vacancy).

It’s also the time to start thinking about returning to work and how my chances of employment should be boosted by my perfectly honed multi tasking skills and well practised ability to work under extreme pressure.

(Mummy I want a rice cake! And a bath! And a story about a giraffe! Now!)

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