The Holy Grail of Parenting: Fresh Air + Animals = Sleep

When we were Londoners we lived 30 minutes away from lions and tigers and bears and Oh My! Do we miss London Zoo.

Pregnant and struggling to entertain a lively toddler the zoo was my go-to day out, the penguins were far better company for Eeh Bah daughter than a fat grumpy mum could ever be.

Being near penguins also made me feel better because, well, who doesn’t like a penguin?

I cannot think of a single situation in life that would not be improved by the addition of penguins. (Please sign up to follow my blog I have an ill thought out plan for world domination that involves penguins and a large group of angry sleep deprived mums.)

Now we are in Yorkshire and 30 minutes from Hesketh Farm Park.

And it is glorious.

There is no better answer to the question ‘What have you done today?’ than ‘I brushed a pig!’  I cannot believe I have made it to the ripe age of 40 without ever having brushed a pig before. What the hell was I doing?

Children love interacting with animals, we went on a fantastic trip to the USA  and the only thing my daughter can really remember is that she touched a starfish at Monterey Bay Aquarium. (To be fair it was a very momentous occasion, probably more so for the poor starfish which was waved around her head like a flag on the F1 finish line.)

Taking children to see animals is one of the most fun things you can do. It genuinely is fun for all the family and here is why….

It’s the activity that’s not really an activity. The time and effort required are minimal – apart from the actual getting out of the house bit which does entail a fair bit of energy.

Maybe you are one of those mum’s who makes their own play doh (and if you are this looks awesome) the more observant of you will  know that I am not the putting in too much effort type (this morning’s activity for Eeh Bah daughter has been washing up).

Going to a farm is a perfect day out for both me and the children. In the photo gallery with this post there is one picture missing: Me sitting drinking tea, reading Tatler whilst the children make friends with piglets.

Animals are basically an interactive version of CBeebies that cannot be turned off accidentally.

A day at the farm  is also educational so you can feel smug about your trip. Yes you have basically sat on grass and watched some chickens scratch about but the children have seen where eggs come from and learnt that a chicken poo covered feather is not a tasty snack ( imagines Gregg Wallace chewing a large gobful of them).

And finally the best reason I can think of for doing anything with children is this:

Children + Fresh Air x Excitement = Big Sleep.

It’s the Holy Grail of parenting.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

16 thoughts on “The Holy Grail of Parenting: Fresh Air + Animals = Sleep

  1. Hesketh Farm Park is the best! 30 mins from my mum’s. Ziggler asks to go there at least once a week, but a 7 hour journey is a bit far for a day trip…

  2. Aw bless you for trying the link to my blog xxxxx i think you spelled mum in the american way mom so it didn’t work. 🙂

    I agree farms are FAB i have never brushed a pig lol i want to now but i have scratched a goat and chased a chicken.

  3. Great post – I look forward to your World domination – I’m sure I can be classed as sleep deprived even though I get loads more than I used to.

    visiting via CountryKids

  4. Living on a holiday farm for children I would have to agree with you all the way here. What I love is watching children grow in confidence with the animals over their week with us, it is wonderful to see and something they remember for so long afterwards. Looks like your children are just the same. Did they tell you about making paint brushes from pig hairs? Farmer Nick loves to tell the children that one while they are stroking them here! Thank you for linking up to Country Kids.

  5. Yes! Couldn’t agree more! Nothing better than a trip to the farm. We did one recently too. You feel like you’ve really accomplished a solid day – education, fun, keeping them busy and best of all – a beautiful night of sleep at the end! Hurray! Fab post x

  6. I love your blog – where have you been hiding? Farm parks are fab and I’m looking forward to more of this when we move to Somerset :). I love your idea on Penguin World Domination – when do we start?! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo xx

  7. I know what you mean! We used to live in London, and adored London Zoo – even before we had kids. Found a great wildlife park nearby, though, and my girls loved it. Always a great day out. Popping over from #PoCoLo

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