Recipe for Easter Nests (please Jesus let playgroup start again soon)

Easter holidays mean no playgroups so I have been busy trying to entertain my children at home. To date we have made (and eaten) Easter baskets, Easter paper chains and chocolate crispy cake nesty buns.

The baskets and paper chains weren’t really meant for human consumption but try telling that to Eeh Bah Son. To date his favourite foods seem to be soil and paper. I think he may even be a bit of a food snob as he turned his nose up at the old Ikea catalogue and prefers pristine unread copies of Grazia.

Here’s the recipe for our Easter nests

You will need:

  • Cheap imitation cooking chocolate.
  • Supermarket own brand rice crispies.
  • Someone else’s house with a microwave – this is the most important part of the process skip this at your peril.


Step 1:  Arrive at Grandma’s house with bag full of ingredients.

Step 2:  Microwave pretend chocolate substance until it is the consistency of molten lava.

Step 3:  Spend 10 minutes keeping toddler away from chocolate lava. Once toddler cries let her loose on the bowl –  it’s probably cooled down enough now anyway.

Step 4:  Deal with toddler’s burnt mouth.

Step 5: Stir cereal into fake chocolate gloop.

Step 6: Spoon in direction of paper bun cases.

Step 7: Add mini chocolate eggs. If you want a glossy shine on the eggs take a tip from Eeh Bah Daughter  – suck each egg individually and spit them onto your nests.

Once the chocolate coloured ricy bits have set hard all over Grandma’s kitchen floor and walls swiftly make your exit leaving delicious cakes and a crunchy floor as payment.

Happy Easter!

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