Ladybird books: Better late than never?

Hooray! After just 100 years of being sexist twits Ladybird books are to stop gender branding their books – no more books ‘for boys’ and books ‘for girls’ just books for reading.

Part of me thinks this is a brilliant step in the right direction and the other part of me is absolutely fucking fuming.

A hundred years is a long time to be publishing this sort of crap.

Stories are stories, books are books.

If something is more popular with one sex than the other so be it but don’t tell children what to like and what not to like.

It’s not your decision.

Annoyingly it’s not my decision either.

Children start to make their own choices from a very young age and marketing products for boys and girls does have an effect – even in a politically correct middle class wankers house like mine –  my 4 year old daughter will tell her younger brother he can’t choose something because ‘that’s for girls’.

With a son and a daughter I’m often asked what’s the difference between  girls and boys.

It’s difficult to answer this question because um, er, well – my son and my daughter whilst being different sexes are also two completely different people.

The only difference I can definitely attribute to gender is this:

Boys will piss in your face.

Girls not so much.

So unless you’re writing a book about the art of face pissing there really is no such thing as a book for girls or a book for boys.

A book is a book is a book.

6 thoughts on “Ladybird books: Better late than never?

  1. Love it! Just about spat my morning coffee out all over my laptop when I read the difference between boys and girls…. (with laughter, of course!)

    It drives me crazy as well, and I am constantly getting into arguments with Miss 3 and Mr 5 over what they think the other sibling can’t have because they are pink or blue. The notion that things are gender specific is a daily battle I fight against. In my house, and hopefully in their world, books are books, toys are toys, clothes are clothes. If you like it, you read/play/wear it. End of.

  2. So true! I mean, it’s not like we read with our genitals. I wish Toy marketing followed the same principle. Ok, admittedly some toys involve genitals, but those aren’t really suitable for children!

  3. Love the point about boys pissing in your face. I however have it on good authority from a friend with a one year old girl, that she can also piss in the facial direction. I was truly amazed, but it seems that even that can’t differentiate them!

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