Top 3 worst games to play with a 3 year old.

3rd:  Shower Cat.

How to play: One player has a shower while the other player is the shower cat.

A shower cat is a cat that lives in the shower, being the shower cat involves crawling around the bottom of the shower on all fours licking your paws and wagging an imaginary tale.

The game ends when the showeree drips shampoo suds into the shower cat’s eyes causing the cat to cry.

Notes: It is best if the 3 year old plays the part of shower cat.

2nd: Winning.

How to play: All members of the household take part in mini competitions throughout the day.

Every game is judged on a first past the post basis, there are no prizes for a job well done or any style or technique displayed whilst playing the game.

Often players will be unaware that they have entered a race/competition and will only find out once the winner is announced.

Eeh Bah Daughter: I just won getting dressed!

Eeh Bah Mum: Huh?

EBD: You’re both still in your pyjamas so I win.

EBD: But I didn’t know I was playing and your brother can’t dress himself….

EBD: I win, I win, I win, I win, I win!

EBM: Are those the knickers you wore yesterday?

EBD: I win, I win, I win!

EBM: They’re on inside out,

EBD:I win, I win, I win, I win, I win, I win I win.

EBM:What did I tell you about wiping your bum?

Notes: I have decided to just go with it and join in with the fun.  Let’s see how her 3 year old legs cope with the half marathon I’ve entered us both in.

1st: Scary Questions.

How to play: One player asks a series of bizarre questions and then ignores the other player until total panic has set in.

The aim of the game is to cause the maximum amount of fear in the other player. Extra points for getting someone to turn the car round or call NHS direct.

Eeh Bah Daughter: Mummy if I poo on the toilet that’s good?

Eeh Bah Mum: Yes darling.

EBD: But if I poo on the floor that’s bad?

EBM: Er yes…. why?


EBM:Sweetie did you poo on the floor?


EBM: When did you poo on the floor?



Note: If there is poo on the floor Eeh Bah Daughter still wins and there is poo on the floor.

Other examples of popular rounds include. When can babies play with knives? and How many of those red berries from the garden could I eat before I died?

Let me know if you have discovered any of your own fun games I’m already drawing up a plan for the summer holidays. Also don’t forget to follow me on twitter and Facebook or fill your email address in the sidebar to get my posts emailed directly to you.

Cheers ears.


13 thoughts on “Top 3 worst games to play with a 3 year old.

  1. Laughed out loud at all those (fortunately I work from home, so only my neighbours think I’m madly cackling to myself!).
    My 3-year-old daughter loves a game I invented desperately on a wet day – she and I run hell for leather around the whole of upstairs, including climbing up onto and running across our bed and the spare bed. This is bad because a) I have no idea who is chasing who (occasionally she demands that I be a dragon, but too loud a roar makes her cry and refuse to play anymore; also, if she is the dragon, she tends to try and bite your bottom, which is very painful!) and b) it was fun for the first 5 laps or so, but after running like that for about half an hour, I need a lie-down and get shouted at “Come ON, Mummy, RUN!”

  2. Thanks for making me laugh! I was reading this post just now and couldn’t help laughing out loud at game no. 3. My husband just looked up and said “Eeh Bah Mum?” 🙂

  3. The winning game can work to your advantage I used to get my son to race getting dressed shoes on etc against my baby daughter just to get us out of the house (the match was always fixed). However what I foolishly didn’t anticipate was daughter growing to a feisty two and a half yr old who wants to win and do everything herself! And son not growing out of wanting to win all the time especially if it means getting one over on his little sister. Cue tears and tantrums and me whispering in each childs ear “you are the winner really ” :-/

    • I did this once and had it seriously backfire one me too. I now have both the 3.5 year old and the 6 year old race against me only. This is nice because they actually work together to win against me. And then I can move faster or slower depending on how fast they are moving. It gives me much more control over the game. 🙂

  4. My 3 year old son invented a game when I was exhausted at Center Parcs. It involves closing your mouth tightly over your teeth and exclaiming (through closed mouth) “Where’s my teeth?!” You then have to figure out where he thinks his teeth are and give them back. As soon as he has them back, lo and behold he loses them again. Usually they’re in my pocket, or daddy’s pocket (who is upstairs so we have to go and get them). Fun!

  5. We’ve been playing tig for about 8 months. Of course some people would argue that it’s not the same game but we know differently. Of course it doesn’t involve running or anything, just making sure it’s a completely inconvenient time for my 4 year old to punch me in the leg or back and scream ‘tiiiiigggg Mummy, I tigged you!’ until I tig him back and we repeat. Endlessly. For 8 months.
    Oh don’t forget ‘Let’s Be Stasi’ which involves asking the same question repeatedly without listening to the answer until you eventually a) cry, or b) give a wrong or silly answer which is met with a change from asking the question again to ‘you are silly Mummy, that’s not right.’

    • “What’s that?!”
      “It’s a car”
      “What’s that?!”
      “It’s a car”
      “What’s that?!”
      “It’s a car”
      “What’s that?!”
      “It’s a car”
      “What’s that?!”
      “It’s a car”
      “What’s that?!”
      “MUMMMMMMYYYYYY! What’s that?!”

  6. We play run-as-fast-as-you-can-to-get-to-the-toilet at bedtime. 2 downsides – 1) she falls over something en route to the loo and the game ems in tears; or 2) she feels so sorry for me losing all the time that she let’s me win…

  7. We play a game called “Tiger Tower”.

    It involves mummy lying on the floor, firstly with one big tiger (not a real one obviously!) lying on top of her. Then the 2 year old sits on the tiger likes he’s riding him. Next we place another slightly smaller tiger behind the 2 year old so that the tiger is riding pillion. After that he has to hold 3 more (progressively smaller and smaller) tigers whilst sitting on the tiger tower. Finally he rocks from side to side until the tiger tower falls over and mummy feels like she really has been sat on by a pack of tigers!

    After that we have to dig him out of the tiger pile-on by using an imaginary spade to dig the tigers and fling them across the room (some of these tigers are big so we are being careful not to break anything whilst trying to make it look as realistic as possible!)

  8. My 3 year old spent a large amount of time “digging a hole to the other world” in the side of an earth bank. A very scary game as the hole got very deep and I worried he’d climb in and disappear for good. Plus only the dog wanted to play. You could try swim goggles in the shower game?

  9. my 6 year old twin daughters have found how absolutely hilarious it is to sneak up on me and shout “boo!” Especially as they have worked out the times when I have zoned out doing mindless tasks (dishes, ironing, running bath etc) to the point where the most used phrase in this house is “NOT NOW KATO!” My grey hair is coming on a treat!

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