Should I start blogging?

‘Should I start a blog?’ you ask.

Not me I already have one. You’re reading it.

I’m using it to talk to you. Yes you.

I know you’ve been thinking about it but there are sooo many reasons not to start.

Hold my hand and let me guide you gently through them.

It might be shit.

Yes it might be a huge pile of stinking turd. You should probably go back to bed and abandon any plans you had for the day. You’ll probably be crap at them too. Everything you do is destined to be rubbish.

How are you even reading this? I bet your redding iz as bud az your writting.

Maybe this would be a good time to mention: That bit about me holding your hand and guiding you gently through this?

It was a lie.

‘Wah, wah, wah I might not be very good.’ Poor you you’re never going to get anything done with that attitude.

You might start a blog and it might be shit. It might be brilliant. It might be average. At least it will actually be.

You’ll never know unless you give it a go.

*insert picture of someone doing yoga on top of a mountain saying something inspirational here*

*or a picture of a cat*


People might think I’m a twat.

Yes people might think you’re a twat. You may actually be a twat. I don’t know. Or care.

But you shouldn’t let what other people might think stop you from giving it a go.

If we all worried about looking like a twat there would be literally nothing on telly. Even that girl in the test card would have given up and fucked off. Not the clown though he wouldn’t care.

Faint heart never won fair lady. And let’s face it who doesn’t want to win a fair lady? I can see no problems whatsoever with the concept of using women as prizes.

Only if they’re blonde though, no one wants to win a brunette.

There’s already loads of blogs out there.

Yeah OK that’s a good reason. You should definitely not bother.

Also paintings – there’s galleries full of them. Especially flowers – can everyone just stop painting flowers now? We’re done.

Music as well, there are millions of great albums I’ve never even listened to.

That’s way too much music. Everybody should stop making music until I’ve had chance to catch up. Simon Cowell already knows this, that’s why winners from The X factor always do cover versions.

I don’t understand how it all works.

Duh. It’s the Internet no one knows how it actually works.

If one person ever understood how the Internet really works the knowledge required to process this information would cause their brain to melt and dribble out of their eyeballs. Fact.

It’s really not that difficult to set up a blog. I manage and if I can, you can.

(I think I’m getting  the hang of this motivational shizzle now.)

Basically if you have been thinking about writing a blog why not just get started? It’s honestly not that terrifying and occasionally quite rewarding.

Don’t forget to check out my totally useless guide ‘How to write a great blog’ before realising you should have just got started and worked out all that shit for yourself.

Let me know how you get on.

3 thoughts on “Should I start blogging?

  1. It’s like you’ve reached into my twisted, excuse ridden pysche and given me a metaphorical kick up the arse. Thank you. 🙂

  2. I have wrote many crap blogs. But recently started a new one! More for me than anyone else 🙂 But I am doing what I want to do, rather than what anyone else wants to do. So who knows, this new one might be crap too!

  3. This post is totes about me and my lack of blog. Not that I’m a narcissist or anything, but when you first posted it in September I read it and loved your directness. My kind of self help where swearing is involved and not having to call on angels to help *blah*.

    So only today, after redoing my whole old blog and renaming it and laucnhing it to friends on prime time Facebook.. you go and repost this entry. How amaze balls.

    thank you x

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