No One Cares About Your New Year Resolution

Farewell 2106! You were…. eventful.

Basically 2106 was like first time parenthood. We all went into it with high expectations of  how brilliant it was going to be, then reality hit, everything fell to shit and we all just clung on for dear life and prayed we’d make it out alive.

2017 is going to be sooo different. Bigger, better, richer, stronger.

Except it’s not is it? Apologies to anyone who thinks that the start of a new year is actually going to kick start a new you but I’m here to tell you it absolutely isn’t.

The only thing that will get you bigger, better, richer, stronger is you and you can choose to do that at any time of the year. January has literally fuck all to do with it, in fact I’d say January actively wants you to fail. January is a cunt.

But you’re not.*

So if you do have resolutions for 2017 I wish you all the best just try not to waste half the month reading articles about the life lessons Sporty Spice has learned from 2016 or the Top 10  Resolutions Of Successful People because none of that is going to help you one bit.

I have decided that this year I am going to fall back in love with blogging.

I started my blog nearly 4 years ago and have found myself gradually getting a bit bored of it.  This past year it felt as though lots of  people were saying similar things – don’t get me wrong I think that’s a great thing – but it kind of made me lose my mojo. So I am going back to the beginning and remembering why I started blogging – and it’s not to support other mums –   let’s face it if I wanted to do that I could stand at the  bus stop helping prams on and off.

The reason I started to write a blog was simple. I wanted to get better at writing funny stuff.

Somewhere along the line I decided I wanted everything I posted to be really, really good and that got in the way of me actually writing, it’s hard to write something great, sometimes you have to settle for average. So this year I will be back posting regularly  and some of it might be a bit pants. I’m going to have to deal with that.  You lot can just skip over it, you’re reading this watching telly  and ignoring your husband anyway so what’s the problem?

If anyone else wants to join me in my half arsed movement of ‘doing more stuff but not always very well’ then feel free.

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* unless you are,  in which case: sorry.



9 thoughts on “No One Cares About Your New Year Resolution

  1. I think I fell into the exact same trap. Like “MY BAYING PUBLIC MUST HAVE ONLY THE FINEST OF MY WIT” and somehow I lost the mojo a bit too. It’s really hard to write when you suspect people actually have an expectation of it being good, as opposed to when you start and you might just be wanging your idiotic thoughts into an internet void although this is possibly still the case. Who knows.)
    Perhaps I will join you in refinding the love for writing. My autocorrect just changed that to ‘refunding the love’ but that sounds a bit unusual. Tally Ho.

  2. I hear you my friend. I have been feeling this too lately. But I am thinking maybe you are right. Let’s all just write shit and stop worrying whether or not it is going to be the greatest piece of writing ever to hit the world wide web. Because there is a very big chance we will accidentally write CUNT and fuck the whole thing up!! Thanks dude. I shall look forward to your stuff!

  3. I am so with you on this one. Going for perfecto each time has left me in a strangulated state of paralysis even thinking about the next post.
    Giving same amount of concern to mealtimes and we’d all be stiffs by starvation in this house.
    I’m going to write and draw lots of crappy stuff and be damned. Leonardo didn’t get where he was by not writing backwards. Don’t know what I meant by that but am practising my bad stuff in other people’s comment sections. Nice.
    Jo x

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