New Yankee Candle Fragrance Range

Today on the blog I’m excited to bring you a sneek preview of the brand new range of Yankee Candles I’ve been developing launching early next year. I hope you like them!


Seriously, I just fucking baked!

 The gentle scent of actual baking – combining freshly baked cakes with a hint of burning and panic.  Ideal for those occasions when you genuinely go to the supermarket and buy loads of baking shit but by the time you get home your toddler has fallen asleep and there’s a new episode of  Made In Chelsea available on catch up. What’s a girl gonna do?

Fresh Linen Trifle

I mean, how often are you really supposed to change the bed sheets? No one’s looking are they? Simply check for stains or crusting and pop on this large jar candle guaranteed to burn until the next time someone has a tummy bug and you have to shove the sheets in the wash at 3am whilst swearing and crying like most people.

The Cleaner’s Just Been

A 12 votive candle gift set  for weekend visitors. These fragrances all feature top notes of ‘Just chuck all the mess in the cupboards’, evolving into middle notes of ‘Where the fuck is the kettle?’ and gradually revealing underlying notes of ‘How long are you staying?

Who died? No one!

A family scentsation! Developed specifically for households  going through toilet  training. This eye watering strong bleach fragrance is designed mask the aroma of up to three solid years of nappy wearing. Perfect to mix and match with our bestselling classic ‘Someone wee’d on the sofa and it wasn’t the dog’.

Midnight Dancer

You‘ve changed the sheets on every bed in the house and still can’t get rid of the acrid stench of vomit. Ignite Midnight Dancer and pray your mum can come over and look after the kids for a few hours in the morning until you feel well enough to start drinking and making up lies so you don’t have to keep the kids off school for the full three days.

Buttercream Rose Garage Glow

Daddy been smoking again? Finding it hard to explain the funny smell in the garage? Light up Buttercream Roses, check the toolbox for evidence and have a huge fight to the gentle scent of something that sounds like it should be a My Little Pony.

We’re skint and our house stinks!

The ideal scented gift for people who really wanted a fixer upper until they bought one and now they’re skint and there is horrible carpet EVERYWHERE. Why? Why? Why? Top notes of ‘It’ll look lovely when it’s finished!’ evaporating quickly to reveal a stronger base note of something that might be damp or could be a dead body hidden in the halls. Welcome to your new home!

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