Mother’s Day: A review

I don’t normally do reviews on my blog so for my first I have decided to review Mother’s Day 2014.

2014 was my third Mother’s Day as an actual mother and yet again Mr Eeh Bah moaned about having to sort things out ‘You’re not my mum’ he repeats every year.

‘Yes darling but I am the mother of your children and until they are old enough for me to pretend they have stolen  your credit card and ordered expensive stuff from Net A Porter you have to sort shit out if we are to continue coupling – either consciously or unconsciously.’

Mother’s Day 2014 kicked off in grand style with the perfect present – tickets to see Kate Bush. Obviously this was not left up to chance –  a subtle text along the lines of ‘Please buy me tickets or I will break out my teenage Kate Bush dance moves’ did the job.

Some things are not worth leaving to chance.

I received two cards – one featuring Mummy Pig.

‘I chose a Mummy pig card because you’re my Mummy!’

Well done darling that’s kind of the point of Mother’s Day.  Next year perhaps you could stop saying Happy Birthday.

The second card was also wonderful but even less flattering than the card with the pig.

It featured a portrait of me drawn by my daughter.

Unfortunately  I have short brown hair which when combined with a pair of stick on googly eyes gives off a Hitler-esque appearance. I have no reason to think this was intentional.

Not to worry my son picked the googly eyes off and ate them.

Inside was the delightful message ‘My mummy is special because she makes brown cakes.’

Mother’s Day is all about being appreciated for the little things in life and I’m proud my daughter chose to feature my amazing skill at burning cakes.

As an extra bonus after 7 years and 2 children Mr Eeh Bah finally remembered I drink my coffee black, I got to go on a lovely run where I crashed into a bin and my daughter hand rolled 48 meatballs.

Apart from the upsetting realisation that I look a bit like a Nazi dictator when drawn by a child Mother’s Day 2014 was pretty awesome and I would recommend it to anyone reading this post.

This review is my honest opinion of Mother’s Day 2014 and I have not received any payment for this post ( I’ve not actually seen the Kate Bush tickets yet).

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7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: A review

  1. You omitted to mention that on our annual possible lie in “they” (probably a man) changed the clocks meaning we lost that exact hour earmarked for “lie-in”

    I also had to request my breakfast in bed by text which was delivered with the words “I don’t remember getting breakfast in bed on Father’s Day”

  2. It doesn’t get any better the older they get (not until they’re at least in their 20s I suspect). My husband went to Amsterdam on a stag weekend so I spent the weekend with my mum where I was stressed out as my step father insists on making my children food with ingredients haphazzardly put together that only a regular at the finest eateries would expect (pasta with truffle sauce anyone?). When we finally got home I got my gift from my girls – a toiletry set that I’d won the previous week at the gym and had wondered where it had got to.
    I think I will forget father’s day this year! Or maybe go on a girly weekend to Marbella!

  3. I take my coffee white. Next time I get a coffee brought to me in bed, I’ll send it on to you. If you could pass the one with milk in it my way, it would be appreciated. Oh, and I looked like a potato on my card. I think Hitler tops it though.

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