Conversations with a small child: On Princesses


Early morning. Eeh Bah Mum is chasing Eeh Bah Daughter around the front room with a pair of wellies and a coat.

Eeh Bah Daughter:       I don’t want to go to playgroup!

Eeh Bah Mum:             But you love playgroup. There’ll be Playdoh and singing.

EBD:                             I don’t like Playdoh and singing.

EBM:                             Well what do you like?

EBD:                             Dressing up.

Mum looks surprised.

EBM:                             OK…. you can do dressing up at playgroup.

EBD:                             Good. I can be a Princess.

Puzzled look crosses mum’s face.

EBM:                           Why do you want to be a Princess? Princesses are boring.

EBD:                           Princesses are good.

EBM:                           Good at what? What do you think Princesses do?

Mum starts to look worried.

EBD:                           Princesses have dresses and crowns.

EBM:                          That’s what they wear. Anyone can wear a dress. You

could put the dress on but be a Doctor or a Knight instead.

EBD:                           I want to be a Princess.

EBM:                           But what do Princesses do that’s so exciting?

EBD:                           They get rescued.

Mum wipes sweat from her brow.

EBM:                           OK sit down young lady you and I are going to have a talk…


Later that morning at a busy playgroup. 

A small child is stuck in a walker designed for a much smaller baby. Several concerned mums and kindly playgroup assistants approach in turns. Each time the hall rings to the protestations of the small child.

EBD:                           I DON’T WANT RESCUE!

Across the room Mum looks on proudly.

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