Breastfeeding in Public with help from The Daily Mail

Sorry to keep going on about tits but they do seem to be getting everywhere these days, my friend Carla has even had hers featured in The Daily Mail.

I am at a loss as to what makes people want to comment on newspaper articles online but they can’t all be sat at home in their undercrackers eating cat food out of tins – can they? First up let me make one thing clear as someone who has experience of breastfeeding in public.

It is weird getting your boobs out in cafes.

No mum thinks ‘Hmm what I really want to do in this room full of strangers eating pizza is to fumble around in my bra and wiggle out a nip.’ No one. 

We do it because our baby is hungry, or about to have the mother of all meltdowns. We do it, not to create offence, but to avoid it. It’s a choice of two (very cute) evils – is it better to have a screaming baby or a content baby with a hint of nip in the air?

Maybe you have issues with babies being out in public places in the first place – in which case fuck you and the horse you rode in on – sometimes parents take babies out to public places: Deal with it.

Anyway onto the comments, let me ease you into things gently…..

thog01274, Somewhere nice, United Kingdom, 22 hours ago

Ha ! Wait for the predictable stampede of the ” let’s flop em out ” and I don’t give a damn brigade . No class and no dignity . Pffff .

I lied about easing you in: At the time of writing 1,747 people have given this comment their approval. What is happening in the world? Pffff indeed.

helen, norwich, United Kingdom, 22 hours ago

If the lady doesn’t like men looking at her breast feeding, why do it so publically? The mums I know who breast feed their babies in public areas, are elegant in the way they do it, using a lightweight, semi transparent shawl to afford privacy for mum and baby as well as the public around them; the results are approving smiles and nods.

Quick everyone let’s move to Norwich where women breastfeed elegantly in lightweight semi transparent shawls to approving smiles and nods. Sounds bloody brilliant.

I was not an elegant breastfeeder. I was a hot, sweaty mess, brimming with hormones, panic and tears even when no one was watching. The last thing me and my sweaty boobs needed was a blanket covering us. Plus it’s a baby feeding not Peter Sutcliffe being frog marched into court, but thanks for the suggestion helen.

Tom, Devon, United Kingdom, about an hour ago

It’s the only way some silly women can get any attention. On the VERY rare occasions any females in my family have needed to breast feed whilst out socially they have asked for a private place to do so or sat in the car covered by a shawl or similar. My daughters think that women who want to share those intimate moments with the world and his wife are either sad or just seeking attention. And anyway, it’s just very bad manners.

Hey Tom have you ever considered that maybe ‘the females’ in ‘your family’ chose to sit in the car hiding under a shawl because you’re a tedious dick who uses belittling phrases like ‘silly women’ and ‘the world and his wife’. Just a thought. Oh and the world and her husband thinks you’re a bell end.

Now about these shawls…

jane, surrey, United Kingdom, 22 hours ago

I don’t want to see some veiny old boob when i’m eating! get a shawl or something to cover yourself.

Who the hell owns a shawl in 2016? We’re mums not Victorian match girls. No one is rocking a shawl these days. Or bonnets. Or crinolines. Apart from women in Norwich who are using shawls to breastfeed elegantly. The rest of us have scarves which we use to keep our necks warm.

Rose50, brighouse, 21 hours ago

How many more stories about these self absorbed entitled women must we read about? She was not asked to stop breastfeeding, but was asked to cover up. Surely she must have some sort of self dignity to just place a small cover or blanket over her breasts? Why are so many people so inconsiderate these days? If I was a cynical person I would wonder whether they do this to provoke so they can get their very smiley pics (with smiley baby) in the newspapers.

Yeah Carla with your smiley face and your smiley baby – don’t you know it’s protocol to look miserable when you’re in The Daily Mail? Unless you’re being papped walking down the street ‘flaunting’ your post baby body. Have some self dignity –  whatever that is, probably like dignity but betterer.

I’ve got bad news for you Rose50 this article has had over 3K comments from you and your catfood munching pals – media outlets spunk their loads when people ‘engage’ with stories online so I think you’ll be reading more of the same very soon, unless….now here’s a thought. The DM commenters are sick of reading these stories, the ‘flop em out brigade’ are sick of them happening – so how about we all just stop making a fuss about women breastfeeding in public?

I mean it’s a crazy idea but it might just work. Also I’ve done some research and it turns out the actual law is on our side. Just putting that out there…

hoodwinked, london, United Kingdom, 22 hours ago

Oh grow up and get a grip of yourself Carla.You’ll never be able to withstand the trials and tribulations of motherhood if an incident such as this reduces you to tears.

I know Carla, she is funny, feisty and clever and the shocking fact is that if someone like that can be reduced to tears I dread to think how other women would feel in the same situation. The reason people speak up about these incidents is so that it will JUST FUCKING STOP. So that the message gets out that this is not an OK way to treat mothers. For every woman who appears in articles like this there will  be 50 others who were left feeling embarrassed and ashamed worrying that everyone was staring at them every time they needed to feed their baby in public.

So don’t make stupid shitty judgements about my friends ability to be a fantastic mother because she chose not to ignore this but to stand up for herself. Motherhood, hoodwinked, is not something to be ‘withstood’ it’s putting yourself in the line of fire trying to make the world a nicer place for others.

Mark, Whitehaven, 39 minutes ago

Not another radical public breastfeeder who jumps at the chance of publicity.

Oh hang on I’m confused is Carla a soppy, teary wimp for crying or an angry, whip em out radical? Maybe she has one boob in each camp? I’ll text her and ask. Hmm no answer. She’s probably marching down Upper Street right now demanding the right to shop naked.

Let’s end on a more positive note

Vincent, Plymouth, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago

Why is she taking a baby into a restaurant in the first place? Have some common sense woman!

By positive I meant positively crackers. If Vincent isn’t half way through a can of Kit-e-Kat I’ll eat my bonnet.

A lot of commenters use the word ‘entitled’ as a slur talking about breastfeeding women behaving as though they own the place.  Well I’ve got news for them – we ARE entitled, not in a ‘we are superior way’ more in a WHAT THE WORD ACTUALLY MEANS way – woman have a legal right to breastfeed in public and personally I think they should be allowed to do so without being made to cry. Please tell me I’m not completely out on a limb here?


8 thoughts on “Breastfeeding in Public with help from The Daily Mail

  1. Bravo. Couldn’t agree more. Although, as an avid knitter, I do actually own several rather glorious shawls, but I’d never have used one when I was breastfeeding – silk and spit-up I would imagine to be a poor combination.

    I breastfed my son for a little over a year and never once had anyone approach me or make me feel uncomfortable in any way, even when I fed him in the cafe located in the rotunda of our local shopping centre. What a shame that that makes me lucky. It should be something all women can routinely expect. Perhaps it’s a positive aspect of the North-South divide?

  2. Bra-vo! (see what I did there?)

    It is amazing how so many people are so offended by breastfeeding in public. More surprising because most of the time you have to get really close to even know it is happening. Or read it in the grimy tabloid you choose to peruse in order to reach your daily offence quota. But it’s ok, they can flip to the “fashion” section of their chosen rag and see some woman in her scanties, that should give them some comfort that boobs are being used for their primary purpose, you know, to objectify women and titilate sad, cat food munching keyboard warriors who wouldn’t know what to do with one if it poked him in the eye.

    I’ll throw in a big hug to Carla. I’m a strong willed, take-no-shit type woman too. I’ve been reduced to tears by all manner of things since having a child. I think it is actually our body’s way of dealing with post natal water retention.

  3. Loving your comebacks – I read some of the comments earlier today and had to stop – the sheer stupidity that jumped out from the comments didn’t even make me want to read anymore of their rubbish. I breastfed my singleton and then my twins, unfortunately I don’t live near Norfolk so I wasn’t very elegant with it, but my children deserved to eat when and where they were hungry and I valued my children over everyone so stuck my tongue out at any nersayers. i just feel for those less confident who are affected by these peoples tripe and who might consider hiding away.

  4. Just went on the article to read some of the comments. Almost threw my phone out of the window. How do these people exist?!?! And how are there over 3k of them! Infuriating!
    what absolute backwards bell ends. I seriously think they all need to crawl back under their rocks.

  5. I’m really sorry that so many women are given such negative feedback when breastfeeding. I live in Newbury in Berkshire and I never had anything but positive experiences for the 17 months that I breastfed my daughter. I have seen some fantastic people helping other women including a lady breastfeeding in a shoe shop while choosing shoes for herself and a toddler and the shop assistant not batting an eyelid. Move to Newbury – an enlightened town!

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