Technology for Dummies (and hedgehogs)

Despite Googling ‘how to make a shit hot flow chart’ + ‘hedgehog in a party hat’ the Internet was not forthcoming. All I found were boring people talking about boring stuff I couldn’t be arsed to listen to.

Seriously techy peeps there is a definite gap in the market for engaging tech guides presented by woodland creatures wearing novelty head gear.

So anyway to cut a long, dull story short I downloaded something that did stuff it shouldn’t and ended up sitting in front of all the files on my server, and, well, er….

You know those files you shouldn’t delete? I deleted them.

In which I ask Daily Mail readers what to make of Kate Winslet’s baby news (brace yourselves).

So I was reading The Daily Mail online ( I know: No good sentence ever started with these words but stick with me).

I was reading The Daily Mail for research purposes when a story broke that was so huge I had to drop everything and write this post.

Shit the bed people Kate Winslet is pregnant!

Unable to make up my mind what I should think about a woman I have never met having a baby with her husband I turned to the comments at the bottom of the article – 476 at the time of writing – to find out what readers of The Daily Mail think about it.

OK so they’re not just readers of The Daily Mail, they are readers of The Daily Mail who have been so moved by a Daily Mail article they felt compelled to comment.

Most comments were negative although to be fair there were a few people sticking up for Kate, an effort I can only liken to watching a small boy trying to piss out a forest fire.