Toddlers vs Sun Hats.

As any parent knows children come in two varieties.

Children who wear hats and children who point blank refuse to have anything to do with hats.

Once it turns sunny hat hating children will scream as though they are being attacked by killer bees any time a sun hat is within 5 metres of them.

Of course my two delightful, amazing, beautiful offspring fall firmly into the hat refusing category.

If you are also the parent of a hat hater let me give you some sage advice: Never ask a parent of a hat wearing child what the secret is.

They will blithely tell you that baby little Jehoshaphat thinks hats are the best thing since Grampy Rabbits Dinosaur Park, and he needs no encouragement to protect his baldy baby head from the sun.

‘Oh he just loves hats! Can’t get them off him!’

This is no use to us.

Our children do not love hats they prefer sunstroke.

In the interests of research I have also surveyed my friends on Facebook to check if it would really be that bad if I superglued a bonnet onto a baby for the summer season?

Most of my friends seemed to think it was a great idea but then most of my friends are idiots, especially the ones on Facebook.

Walking the summer streets you will often find discarded sun hats on the pavements.

People with hat loving children will kindly pick up these hats and leave them on a fence post so that they will be easy to find.

This is because they imagine someone is coming back to look for the hats.

If you are a hat-picker-upper let me make one thing clear.

No one is coming back for the hat.

The hat has been thrown on the floor in disgust by either the hat hating child or the long suffering parent of a hat hating child, either way no one wants the hat back.

It is soaked in tears and smells of fights.

Next time you see a discarded sun hat cast out onto the pavement place your hand on your heart and pause for a moment to reflect on the battles it has seen.

Remember to take your own hats off as a mark of respect.

If anyone has any answers to the ‘getting the hat on the baby’s head problem’ that don’t involve glue please enlighten me by posting a comment below.

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12 thoughts on “Toddlers vs Sun Hats.

  1. After walking past a hat on a fence post for five days I took it home, washed it and took it to the charity shop. There’s no way I could get it on any of my three non hat wearers.

  2. If my little one is playing with hat lovers he just keeps his hat on like his friends and plays nicely. As we wave bye bye to our visitors the hat is quickly discarded & I spend the rest of the day chasing him round & wondering about superglue…. Apparently this makes me a bad parent!

    • wondering about superglue might make you a bad parent but it also makes you a creative problem solver so put that on your CV and ignore the bad parenting bit

  3. I put a hat on a fence post earlier. I don’t know what made me do it. I am the proud mother of one hat hater and one erstwhile hat hater who is now a hat lover, provided said hat is a straw trilby which has been beaten into submission by a four year old and therefore bears little resemblance to it’s previous form. The hat hater has already disposed of two hats this Summer. I suspect she is eating them, or there aren’t any ‘hats on fence putter on-ers’ in my area as they have both been lost on regular routes (of mine) and no trace has ever been seen since.

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  5. My daughter was a hat wearer, still wears hats.
    Granddaughter (daughter of my son) is a non-hat wearer. She has pulled off within seconds any newly knitted hats being placed on her head. I am not going to knit ANY more hats for her.

  6. We have a baby bandana which our baby doesn’t seem to mind so much and a sun hat that she will constantly try to pull off. I’ve found the trick is to put the sun hat on top of the bandana. For the most part she will give up and leave the sun hat on!

  7. My lovely darlings will wear hats at school. But are hat haters every where else. If I could be arsed I would ask the school what the secret is, but I’m sure I never will

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  9. Both boys hat refusers ‘GetOrf!GetOrf! WTAF are you doing my head?’
    Daughter is a hat lover.
    All take them off to spite us in the summer… damn removable hats.

    So just how many of your friends were cool with the super glue idea? Enough, that should they attend a hearing, may sway a jury?

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