Has anyone told Jane Austen about Twitter and the £10 note?


‘To flatter and follow others, without being flattered and followed in turn, is but a state of half enjoyment.’  Jane Austen on Twitter.


Dearest Jane,

Allow me to introduce myself. Like you I am 41 years old and I too fantasize about James McAvoy wearing britches. Unlike you I am not dead, I own my own property and despite being unmarried, I have 2 children. ( I know get the smelling salts out.)

I couldn’t find you on Facebook  or Instagram where I looked for you posing for selfies in a fetching bonnet. Maybe that’s because you have been dead for over 150 years – I’ll check Myspace.

I am writing to apprise you of the political furore you have unwittingly stirred up.  Whip out your fan my dear and get ready to hide your blushes.

You are going to be on the £10 pound note.

Totes amaze! That is some hot bonnet there lady.

But first let me get you up to speed. Things have changed for women.

A lot.

We can vote, inherit stuff and there are programmes on telly about baking nice cakes for us to watch.

Boobs went out of fashion for like, decades then came back with a vengeance – now they are everywhere.

No one bothers learning to speak French any more and Matthew died in Downton Abbey (It’s a tv show set in the future).

Not to worry, your books are like, well popular, mainly because of all the hot men in wet shirts you wrote about.

Whilst things in society may look rosy for modern women for all our home owning, cake baking and Pointless watching some men are still behaving like total dicks.

Seriously Wickham and Willoughby combined would have nothing on this lot.

If you get the chance try set up a Twitter account we could do with some of your wonderful words to balance out all the nastiness.

I look forward to spending you.

Kind Regards

Eeh Bah Mum

‘Pictures of perfection, as you know, make me sick and wicked.’  –Austen on Pinterest

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