Top 3 fucking brilliant things about Peaches Geldof

A short post about someone I really liked but never met.

1. Sticking it to Katie Hopkins.

Come on now be honest. If we were drawing up a short list of people most likely to sort out Katie Hopkins on live television Peaches would probably not have been on it.

But by God she did it beautifully.

A nation of mums, women and people who just hate arseholes cheered her on.

2. Well behaved women rarely make history.

Paula Yates was my teenage heroine. I hate it when people refer to her as tragic. Her death was tragic, she was awesome.

Just like her mum Peaches managed to look fantastic in a real way and was another Queen of not giving a fuck.

3.  She made motherhood look easy.

Being a mum is hard work but she made it look easy which it is not.

Also she get’s extra points for managing to give her child the one name Bob Geldof thought was weird.

God knows how she managed that one but well done Peaches.





6 thoughts on “Top 3 fucking brilliant things about Peaches Geldof

  1. I was never a huge fan but these three things are pretty fantabulous. I also liked when she had an epic parenting fail whilst titting about with her mobile phone. We’ve all done it, just not with paparazzi watching us.. When she came out and verbally stuck two fingers up at those who had a go at her for it, every mum who’s been there was cheering her on.

  2. Perfectly put. I think this is such sad news. Peaches appeared to have really found her way as a mother and was doing a fantastic job of it. Her boys should be so proud of her as they grow up.

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