How to Visit Friends With Small Children: 10 Things you Need to Know

I get it you’re just not that that into kids. Thing is your friends have acquired some and now you’re forced to spend time with them. You’ve hung out together when they were babies and that wasn’t too bad but now they’re walking and talking and doing, er, whatever it is they do. When you don’t have […]


Frozen Party Planner

Do you wanna throw a Frozen themed party? It doesn’t have to be a very good Frozen themed party. Here’s my guide…. My daughter has seen an amazing Frozen cake on Facebook. Awesome. Except the lady who made it lives in California. I have looked into shipping and is not going to work. I’ve already […]


Toddlers vs Sun Hats.

As any parent knows children come in two varieties. Children who wear hats and children who point blank refuse to have anything to do with hats. Once it turns sunny hat hating children will scream as though they are being attacked by killer bees any time a sun hat is within 5 metres of them. […]